2022 Annual Conference


Connecting Florida: Past, Present, and Future

Schedule of Events
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Friday, April 1, 2022

8:00AM                      Conference Registration and Room Check in (Smith Center)


8:30AM - 12:00PM  Workshop 1: Project Learning Tree $20. Grafton Center Lakeview Patio B.  Pre-registration and additional fee is required.  All materials provided and lunch is included.

9:00AM – 12:00PM  Field Trip 1:  Blackwater Creek/Lake Norris Paddle Trip.  Sponsored by the Lake County Water Authority. $15. Space is very limited. Pre registration and additional fee is required.  Vessels will be provided.


12:00PM - 1:00PM  Lunch (Smith Center Ballroom)

12:00PM                   Silent Auction Opens (Smith Center Ballroom)

1:00PM - 2:00PM    Nature Videography 101 Sharathon: Session A (Grafton Center Lakeview Patio A)

1:00PM - 4:30PM    Workshop 2: Macro-invertebrate and Fish Netting Sponsored by the Florida Lake Management Society. $15. Pre-registration and additional fee is required. (Grafton Center Outdoor Classroom Lakeside)

2:00PM - 3:00PM    Nature Videography 101 Sharathon: Session B (Grafton Center Lakeview Patio A)

2:00PM - 3:30PM    Field Trip 2: Lake Dora and Dora Canal Scenic Boat Cruise.  Sponsored by the Florida Lake Management Society. $15.  Space is very limited. Pre-registration and additional fee is required.

3:30PM - 4:30PM     A Land Remembered Book Discussion (Grafton Center Lakeview Patio C)

5:30PM                        Cash Bar opens (Smith Center Patio) (Don't forget your cash!)

6:00PM                        Dinner - included with full conference registration. (Smith Center)

6:30PM                        Keynote Speaker storyteller/re-enactor John Bowles

7:30PM - late              Fireside storytelling with John Bowles (Bring your instruments if musically inclined!)

    Saturday, April 2, 2022

    7:30AM                      Conference Registration and Room Check-In (Smith Center)

    7:00AM                        Early Morning Birding

    8:00 AM                       Breakfast - Smith Center Ballroom

    7:30AM - 7:30PM       Exhibitor Tables

    9:00AM - 10:00AM    Concurrent Session 1

     Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio B
     Using immersive 360 Imagery and Science Portraits for K-12 Education                                             
     Dustin Angell
     The New Radio – Podcasting in Environmental Education 

     Lara Milligan &
     Shannon Carnevale          

     Digitized Gardening
     Monika Moorman
       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A                                                                                                       


       Green Schools Challenge: Whole-System Approach to Integrating Environmental Education                     
       Barbara Martinez-Guerreo

       Grafton Center: Outside Classroom                                                                      
       Protecting Pollinators                                                                                                              
       Debbie Fritz-Quincy &
       Tracy Boothby

      9:00AM - 12:00PM    Concurrent Session 1 Workshop

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio C                                                                  
       Project WET Climate Change -  $20 additional fee required
       Eileen Tramontana

      9:45AM                       Morning Break Sponsored by Sawgrass Nature Center

      10:00AM - 11:00AM Concurrent Session 2

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio B                                                                                                                  

       Dances with Voles: Let's Study Ways to Connect People with Wildlife Through Movement  Bryan Nichols
       Integrating Civics and Environmental Advocacy Into Your Curriculum:
       A Case Study of the Florida Scrub Jay for State Bird Campaign
       Kris Cole
       The Impact of Content and Pedagogical Experience on Knowledge, Self- efficacy, and Actual Efficacy of
        Informal Educators
       Tess Catalan

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A    
       Increasing Diversity to Strengthen your Programs            
       Laura Valencia

       Grafton Center: Outside Classroom                               
       Nature Journaling
       Autumn Reich

      11:00AM - 12:00PM Concurrent Session 

       Grafton Center Lakeview Patio B
       Bird ID and Citizen Science with eBird  Kathy Rigling      
       Water, Water, Everywhere Watershed Education Anywhere  Taylor Bates
       Engaging Under-served Youth Through STEM and EE 4-H Clubs  Sarah Davis

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A
       Environmental Center Classroom Connections to Field Experiences  Jarin Trombley

       Grafton Center: Outside Classroom            
       Exploring Florida with STEAM                                             
       Kelly Quinn & 
       Blake Wheeler

      12:00PM - 1:00PM    Lunch (included) - Smith Center Ballroom

      1:00PM - 2:00PM      Concurrent Session 4

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio B
       Museums, Online Learning, and COVID-19  Megan Ennes, Ph.D.
       Creating a Community of Practice of Nonformal Educators and K-12 Students for Climate Change
       Resilience in Southwest Florida                                                                                                                              
       Jennifer Jones, Ph.D. &
       Heather Skaza Acosta, Ph.D.
       Building and Fostering Resilience into Environmental Education Programming  Kenneth Rainer

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A
       Everglades 101: The Science Behind Everglades Restoration           
       Kimberly Gooch   

       Grafton Center: Outside Classroom                             
       A New Generation of Education  Melissa Landis

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio C                                                             
       Empowering Youth Development Through Community Action Projects for the Environment      Sarah Davis & Beth Kerr   

      2:00PM - 3:00PM      Concurrent Session 5

       Grafton Center Lakeview Patio B                                                                                              
       Connecting People and Nature: Citizen Science in Nature Centers  Stephanie Somerville      
       Writing a Place-Based Children's Book  Jake Fitzroy
       Connections of Climate Change to Our Ocean  Daniel Padilla Ochoa

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A                                     
       Everglades Restoration Fights Climate Change                                  

       Kimberly Gooch    

       Grafton Center: Outside Classroom                                                         
       Endangered Ecosystems  Dawn Miller-Walker

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio C                 

       Supporting Students' Interest in Civics and the Environment Through an Undergraduate              

       Megan Ennes, Ph.D.,

       Michelle LeFebvre, Ph.D.  & 
       Mariela Pajuelo          

      3:00PM - 4:00PM      LEEF Member Meeting & Afternoon Social - Smith Center Ballroom

      4:00PM - 5:00PM      Concurrent Session 6

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio B  Presenter                                
       Partnering University Scientists and Classroom Teachers to Improve Outdoor Education in Florida
       Molly Nation, Ph.D. &
       Jennifer Jones, Ph.D.
       Introducing the Florida Youth Naturalist Program  Shelly Johnson, Ph.D.
       Forest Ecology Curriculum, Resources and Youth Engagement  Beth Kerr

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A                         
       Green Actioneers - "Drawdown for Families"  Dave Finnigan

       Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio C
       The Florida Manatee: Engaging Students to Become the Teachers                                          
       Maryann Krisovitch &
       Marc Crail

      5:30PM - 7:30PM       Cash Bar, Dinner, Keynote and Awards - Smith Center Ballroom

      7:30PM - late              Auction and Social on the Patio - Smith Center Patio

      Sunday, April 3, 2022

      7:30AM                        Memorial Tree Planting

      8:00AM                        Breakfast - Smith Center Ballroom

      8:30AM - 12:00PM   Don't Waste It Workshop. Sponsored by Lake Soil and Water Conservation District
                                            Grafton Center: Lakeview Patio A $20.
                                          Pre-registration and additional fee is required.  All materials provided.

      8:30AM - 12:00PM   Early Childhood Workshop. Sponsored by Duke Energy & the Ocean Conservancy. Lakeview Patio C $20. Pre-registration and additional fee is required.
                                         All materials provided.

        For conference questions please contact
        Dustin Angell, dangell@archbold-station.org

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